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In the years since the Dominion War, the Beta Quadrant has become unstable. The Federation, now the dominant superpower in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, now has the crushing burden of rebuilding not only Cardassian Space from the very real wounds of the Dominion War, but also the wounds of the Hobus Star. The Romulan Star Empire is in chaos, and the Klingon Empire is no better off.

The Federation has managed to endure, but many worlds were ravaged by the Dominion, and are still being rebuilt. Now the Federation has a crisis. Refugees from both the Klingon and the Romulan Empires have begun to flee into the Federation, and old hatreds still exist in many Federation worlds, including the scars left by Praetor Shinzon, and his attempt to destroy Earth. Many Federation worlds have welcomed these refugees with open arms, but many have not, citing the prime directive. Even in in the noble Federation, there is unrest.

The Klingon Empire is struggling between past and future. With klingons who believe that the only way a klingon is a klingon is during battle. However, there are klingons who believe that the empire must change, as Chancellor Martok now struggles between rebuilding his empire, those who desire a future where honor can be earned in paths other than that of the warrior, and the warriors on the high council who desire tradition over change. The klingon military also dose not have the strength it once has, and there is no glory in crushing the bandit kingdoms that have splintered from the Romulan Star Empire. Chancellor Martok now looks to the writings of Chancellor Gorkon for an undiscovered country to inspire his people to change while maintaining his society’s warrior traditions.

Minor Klingon houses, who were marginalized for centuries have now begun to leave the Klingon Empire. Taking with it the laborers, thinkers, and scientists that have sustained the Empire even as the warrior is still the apex caste in Klingon society. This has caused an economic crisis in the Empire as the High Council now has to deal with the consequences of the centuries old Klingon system. Even as the great houses resume their age old feuds, the foundation of the Klingon Empire begins to erode.

The Cardassian Union, once a powerful militaristic government based on order, is now a shadow of what it once was. The new civilian democracy is weak, with many Cardassians also leaving the old union for better lives in the United Federation of Planets and elsewhere. A new generation of Cardassians are now thriving outside of the Union with a new beginning a new start.

The Romulan Star Empire is in a worse predicament. Immediately after the Hobus disaster, and without the old senate. Fifteen different planets each declared themselves the new Romulan homeworld leading to a climatic civil war in the old empire. With Chaos, came ambition, along with almost four different senates, each claiming legitimacy and condemning the other. With refugees pouring into the United Federation of Planets endlessly.

Realizing the Hobus Crisis, the Refugee Crisis, and the ongoing feudal and civil wars was getting out of hand. The Federation begins to negotiate a settlement to prevent the Beta Quadrant from falling into chaos, but learns that in order for the coming chaos to be avoided, common ground needs to be established. And so the Starbase 50 treaty was drafted.

Starbase 50, situated in the nexus of space between the Federation, Romulan Star Empire, and the Klingon Empire was refitted as neutral ground for diplomacy and rebuilding in these trying times.

Starbase 50 is an PbEM Sim in Obsidian Fleet (, Task Force 72-A (

Latest Mission Posts

» First Council

Mission: Mission 2: A Guilty Conscience
Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 @ 12:32am by Brigadier . & Commander Katherine Langley & Centurion Leldahko Ganar & Gul Licrene Vess

Kate entered wearing a Ceremonial Uniform and took her place at the table as Federation Representative. "Council is in session. You'll all have a chance to voice your opinion on the matters of the base reactivation however we have a priority matter to deal with. I've recently tasked the base's…

» Exploration begins

Mission: Mission 1: Naive Beginnings
Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 10:53am by Lieutenant JG Chrysanthe Capulet

The two shuttles touched down in a clearing. They were just north of the planet’s equator. Chrys checked the instruments on her console. “Air is breathable. However there may be pathogens in the atmosphere. Deploying probe to gather data.” The probe launched and spent 20 minutes taking samples of water,…

» Star-Crossed Scientists

Mission: Mission 2: A Guilty Conscience
Posted on Thu Jun 21st, 2018 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant JG . & Lieutenant JG Chrysanthe Capulet

Now that her requests had been fulfilled by operations, Sophia needed the help of someone from the science department. She figured this was a great opportunity to make a personal introduction, and as such she strolled over there. Once inside, she called, "Hello? Can someone point the way to the…

» Midday Snack

Mission: Mission 2: A Guilty Conscience
Posted on Wed Jun 20th, 2018 @ 10:10pm by Lieutenant JG Chrysanthe Capulet

“Midday Snack”


Lieutenant JG Chrysanthe Capulet

Chief Science Officer

Starbase 50




Lieutenant Jg Eric Hassen

Flight Controller

Starbase 50


=/\= Supply closet On Deck 12=/\=


Chrys had met Eric a few days into the repairs on the station. After a few casual conversations and…

» Away mission is go..

Mission: Mission 1: Naive Beginnings
Posted on Tue Jun 19th, 2018 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant JG Chrysanthe Capulet

Chrys had gathered her team and now they were boarding the two shuttles that she had requistioned for the away mission. A mix of science, engineering and Security personnel were loading equipment and supplies onto the shuttles. She wanted to be prepared.

Once they were all on Chrys took her…